Licensing Policies

The Licensing Act and the Gambling Act requires the Licensing Authority to prepare a statement of principles that they propose to when making decisions around licences and enforcement of the legislation.

The policies should be reviewed regularly. This is every five years for the Licensing Policy 2019-2024 (PDF 745KB) and every three years for the Gambling Act 2005 Licensing Policy (PDF 1.25MB).

Revised Statement of Licensing Policy

We have published a revised Statement of Licensing Policy (PDF 1.25MB) in accordance with Section 349 of the Gambling Act 2005 on the 1st January 2019. From the 1 January the policy will be available for inspection in person at:

Leeds City Council

Merrion House

Merrion Way

Leeds, LS2 8PD

Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm

The policy will come into effect on the 31 January 2019. Any queries should be addressed to Entertainment Licensing by telephone on 0113 378 5029 or by email to

Licensing Act 2003 Applications

Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA) (PDF 3MB) published as part of the Licensing Act Statement of Licensing Policy review in 2018.

City Centre Cumulative Impact - Public Consultation

Licensing Act 2003 (Alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment)

As a licensing authority, we review the city centre CIA each year because it is an area which can change dramatically from one year to the next as premises open and close. We last reviewed the city centre cumulative impact area in June, which was a delayed review due to the complete review of all cumulative impact areas in 2018 which happened alongside the review of the Licensing Act 2003 Statement of Licensing Policy. To bring this review back in line with the calendar year we have reviewed the area again using statistics that cover the time period September 2016 to August 2019 and the licensing authority have produced a draft cumulative impact assessment for the city centre which we are seeking views on.

The overall aim of the review is to look at crime and other statistics which relate to the city centre each year, with a view to ensuring the cumulative impact area and the red zones cover just the relevant areas. In the past, due to changes in the crime statistics, we have been able to reduce these areas.

This year the licensing authority is recommending reducing the area included in the Albion Street/Woodhouse Lane area to take out the area from Merrion Street to The Headrow. This is due to the reduction in crime in this area.

The licensing authority recommends no changes to the current boundary of the main cumulative impact area and the red zone in the Call Lane/Briggate area. This is due to an overall increase in crime across the city centre, and an increase in crime in the Call Lane/Briggate/Duncan Street red zone.

At the end of the consultation period, we will review the comments we receive. We will produce a report which includes the responses and any changes that may be required as a consequence. Although we intend to protect the personal information included in the responses we receive, the contents will be included in the report. Please indicate in your response if this concerns you, or if you would specifically like your details to be released.

Gambling Act 2005 Applications

Sex establishment applications

We have also prepared a licensing policy for Sex Establishment licensing. This provides information about sensitive locations and the number of sex establishments we consider appropriate for Leeds. There is no set period by which this this policy should be reviewed, although the Council has committed to regular reviews.




Consumer ProtectionConsumer Protection<div class="ExternalClassFDAC7C28A1E94CBF913D66CD5ED19CE8">​​<p>Should you have cause for complaint in relation to licensed premises, we would always recommend that you write to the business first. If that does not work please contact us and providing it is a matter covered by the legislation, we can investigate the complaint for you.​</p></div>



Sex Establishment Statement of Licensing Policy establishment licensing policy.pdf891289pdf
GN-12 Local Risk Assessments Local Risk Assessments.pdf210471pdf
GN-13 Model Conditions Model Conditions.pdf296523pdf
Cumulative Impact Assessment Impact Assessment.pdf2745395pdf
GA2005 Statement of Licensing Policy 2019to21 Statement of Licensing Policy 2019to21.pdf1305468pdf
Statement of Licensing Policy of Licensing Policy.pdf762668pdf

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