Premises licences

A premises licence issued under the Licensing Act 2003 allows a premises to sell alcohol, provide regulated entertainment or serve late night refreshment on commercial premises.

You might also like to look at the page on Club Premises Certificates, especially if you are a registered club such as a working men’s club. You can also read the relevant legislation on the Government website.

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GN - Problem Premises - Problem Premises.pdf140790pdf
GN-A New premises licence New premises licence.pdf156973pdf
GN-B Variation guidance note Variation guidance note.pdf136774pdf
GN-C Licensing Act 2003 Guidance Note - Fees Licensing Act 2003 Guidance Note - Fees.pdf109155pdf
Please complete the details below: Proforma Risk Assessment club premises certificate.doc297984doc
GN-K Community Premises Community Premises.pdf133206pdf
GN-M Transfer guidance note Transfer guidance note.pdf132994pdf
PERS1 1 - Personal Licence Form.doc137216doc
PREM 1 - New Premises Licence 1 - New Premises Licence.doc388096doc
PREM2 2 - DPS consent form.doc89088doc
PREM3 3 - Application to vary a premises licence to specify DPS.doc145920doc
PREM4 4 - Premises Licence transfer application.doc182784doc
PREM5 5 - Consent of premises licence holder to transfer.doc86528doc
PREM 7 - Application to vary a premises licence 7 - Application to vary a premises licence.doc288768doc
PREM8 8 - Interim Authority Notice.doc183808doc
PREM9 9 - Notification Of An Interest Form.doc137216doc
PREM10 10 - Community Halls Removal of DPS Form.doc129024doc
PREM11 11 - Application for a minor variation.doc151552doc
PREM 12 - Interim Authority Notice 12 - Interim Authority Notice.doc136704doc
PREM13 13 - Notification of Interests.doc126464doc
City Centre Cumulative Impact Assessment 2018 Centre Cumulative Impact Assessment 2018.pdf1676101pdf
GN-P LA2003 Making a representation LA2003 Making a representation.doc128000doc
Purpose LA2003 Applying for a review.doc103424doc
GN-V LA2001 Service of Documents Apr 14 v3 LA2001 Service of Documents Apr 14 v3.pdf84166pdf
GN-D LA2003 Responsible Authorities LA2003 Responsible Authorities.pdf49503pdf
GN-J Minor variations Minor variations.pdf121764pdf
Responsible Authorities Authorities.pdf107110pdf

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