Clean Air Charging Zone

7. How plans were developed

Consultation on the Clean Air Charging Zone (CAZ) is now closed. We will continuously monitor the zone and regularly report to the council’s Executive Board on the scheme's impact and effectiveness.

The final plans for the CAZ were informed by research and months of consultation participated in by more than 12,000 residents, visitors and businesses. This work included:

  • an informal consultation on our initial proposals, held between 2 January and 2 March 2018. A summary of responses to this consultation are available as a PDF
  • a statutory consultation, held between the 29 June and 12 August 2018, which asked respondents to share views on our more developed second proposals for a CAZ. This consultation also asked respondents about additional plans to further improve air quality by 2030. A summary of responses to this consultation are available as a PDF
  • guidance produced by the Government
  • public engagement events with more than 80 trade groups and businesses, plus drop-in engagement events attended by hundreds of local residents
  • an economic analysis undertaken by independent experts
  • detailed modelling into the impact on traffic and vehicle emissions of various types and areas of CAZ. For more information, please see the Air Quality Modelling Methodology Report

Following this work, a Clean Air Charging Zone Business Case was produced and submitted to the government for their final approval.

Reports covering the development of the Clean Air Charging Zone proposals were publicly shared with the council’s Executive Board in October 2016, December 2017, June 2018, July 2018, October 2018 and November 2018.



Findings from the first consultation Air Charging Zone First Stage Consultation Analysis.pdf4411828pdf
Findings from the second (statutory) consultation from the second (statutory) consultation.pdf4232487pdf
Air Quality Modelling Methodology Report Quality Modelling Methodology Report.pdf4700743pdf

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