Clean Air Charging Zone

4. Exemptions from charges

Some vehicles will qualify for a temporary or permanent exemption from the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) charges.

If your vehicle qualifies for any exemption then you will not be eligible to also receive financial support for that vehicle.

Information on how to apply for the exemptions will be available soon. Sign up for email updates to be alerted when these updates are published. 

Full exemptions

Our plans for a Clean Air Charging Zone (CAZ) will fully exempt the following vehicles from charges, as per government guidance (the National Clean Air Zone Framework):

  • vehicles with a historic tax class
  • military vehicles
  • specialist vehicles that meet specific criteria which will be confirmed soon
  • non-road-going vehicles

In addition, to the government guidance we will also exempt the following vehicles from charges:

  • showmen’s guild vehicles (e.g. fairground and funfair vehicles)
  • non-commercial vintage buses (aged between 20 to 39 years old) for up to 10 days a year
  • school buses above Euro 3 emissions standard (except those used for fee paying schools or commercial journeys)
  • vehicles driving within the zone because of a road diversion who would otherwise not have entered the CAZ (while the diversion is active)
  • emergency services vehicles
  • community minibuses (those being used pursuant to a community minibus permit granted under section 19[3], 19[4], 19[5] or 22[2] of the Transport Act 1985)

Please note: exempted vehicle types may still be charged if a vehicle’s DVLA records are outdated or inaccurate.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all of the information held by the DVLA about your vehicle (in particular its tax class) is up-to-date and correct using the following links:

Temporary exemptions (sunset periods)

There are some situations where you may qualify for a temporary exemption. Please be aware that you may need to apply for this.

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  • Click to expand Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs)
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  • Click to expand Existing four passenger vehicles

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