Clean Air Charging Zone

2. Daily charges

From 6 January 2020 non-compliant heavy goods vehicles, buses, coaches, taxis and private hire vehicles that do not meet emissions standards will be charged for driving within the Clean Air Charging Zone boundary. This includes shuttle buses and rail replacement buses that don't meet emissions standards.

Compliant vehicles that meet emissions standards will not be charged.

Private motorists and light goods vehicles will not be charged for driving in the zone.

The aim of these charges is to encourage businesses to start using less polluting vehicles that meet emissions standards and won’t be subject to charges. We do not make any money from the charges.

The money will be only be used for:

  • covering the costs of operating the scheme
  • supporting owners of affected vehicles
  • other schemes to improve air quality in the city

Charges for each vehicle type and their classes are in the table. The classes are defined by UK regulations and you can find out your vehicle’s class by checking its V5C form.

Charges by vehicle type and class
Vehicle typeVehicle classDaily charge
Heavy goods vehicle (HGV)N2/N3£50
Minibus (from 2022)
Bus or coachM3£50
Taxi or private hireM1 (if licensed)£12.50 per day or £50 a week for Leeds licensed vehicles
MopedsAll category A vehiclesNo charge
MotorcyclesAll category B vehiclesNo charge
Motor tricyclesAll category C vehiclesNo charge
Light quadricyclesAll category D vehiclesNo charge
QuadricyclesAll category E vehiclesNo charge
Motor caravansAll category L vehiclesNo charge
Private carsM1 (if not licensed)No charge
Light goods vehiclesN1No charge

For a full explanation of why we are not proposing to charge private vehicles, read our blog post.

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