How can we reduce air pollution in Leeds?

Our Air Quality consultation has now closed. Some information about air pollution and what we are doing can be found below. For updates and further information, see the Clean Air Leeds website.

Leeds City Council has run two consultation events this year, asking residents and businesses their opinions about some of the proposed initiatives we are currently pursuing to reduce levels of air pollution in Leeds.

Consultation, Phase I (2nd January – 2nd March 2018)

The first consultation introduced the Clean Air Charging Zone (CAZ) to the Leeds region and beyond. It was intended that the consultation would present some of the outline details of the CAZ based on initial guidance from JAQU.

Consultation, Phase II (29th June – 12th August 2018)

The second consultation provided some of the finer details of the CAZ to the Leeds region and beyond. Further analysis took place after the first consultation, and taking into account the feedback from the public and businesses, Leeds specific details were included in this consultation.



What is air pollution? What is air pollution? <div class="ExternalClass8B42AC5B4DF647019B0D1A7BD40782D0"><p>Air pollution is the term we use to describe gases and particles in the air that we breathe and are harmful to our health.</p><p>We can’t always see it but air pollution has serious implications for our health.</p><p>Evidence shows that spending time in areas with high levels of air pollution can worsen asthma symptoms, damage our lungs and is linked with an estimated 40,000 premature deaths in the UK every year.</p></div>
Why do we need to reduce air pollution?Why do we need to reduce air pollution?<div class="ExternalClassDA387AB67CA449FF8905A6359883D5C7"><p>The Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has identified Leeds as one of many U.K. cities unlikely to comply with legal air quality levels by 2020.</p> <p>As a result of this, the government have instructed Leeds City Council to introduce a CAZ and take other actions to reduce air pollution as soon as possible in order to ensure that outdoor air pollution in Leeds does not exceed legal air quality levels.</p><p>Leeds City Council has both a legal and ethical responsibility to ensure that no community in our city is forced to breathe illegal levels of polluted air. A failure to act could result in the council being charged with huge fines and, more importantly, potentially fatal consequences for local residents and workers.</p></div>
How were these proposals developed? How were these proposals developed? <div class="ExternalClassE16CC2E9705A4F33A4DDBFDFC7A054D4"><p>The proposals that we are consulting on are a result of many months of work and have been informed by comprehensive research and consultation including:</p><ul class="list list-bullet"><li>an informal consultation completed by almost 9,000 residents, visitors and businesses<br></li><li>guidance from the government</li><li>public engagement events with more than 80 trade groups and drop in engagement events attended by hundreds of residents</li><li>an economic analysis undertaken by independent experts</li><li>detailed modelling into the impact on traffic and vehicles emissions of various types/areas of CAZ</li></ul><p>You can find additional information in the <strong>related documents</strong> section of this page.</p> </div>



Improving Air Quality within the City Air Quality within the City.pdf3263581pdf
Clean Air Charging Zone (CAZ) Signage Air Charging Zone (CAZ) Signage.pdf632718pdf
Best Council Plan 2015 - 2020 SC1 - Best Council Plan update 16-17.pdf1458109pdf
Early Measures Funding Summary SC2 - Early Measures Funding.pdf34092pdf
Annual Mean Nitrogen Dioxide Monitoring Results SC3 - NO2 Monitoring Data.pdf155671pdf
Maps of AQMA SC4 - Maps of AQMA.pdf3633178pdf
CAZ options SC6 - Long list of CAZ options.pdf65394pdf
Charges Analysis SC7 - Charging analysis.pdf197629pdf
Technical Summary of Transport Modelling SC8 - Transport Modelling incl Apps a to j.pdf13376111pdf
Appendix SC5 - Emission and Concentration Methodology Report SC5 - Emission and Concentration Methodology Report.pdf4700743pdf
Clean Air Charging Zone FAQs Air Charging Zone FAQs.pdf870367pdf
Clean Air Charging Zone First Stage Consultation Analysis Air Charging Zone First Stage Consultation Analysis.pdf4411828pdf
Clean Air Solution for Leeds - Outline Business Case - Economic Case Air Solution for Leeds - Outline Business Case - Economic Case.pdf2160830pdf
Strategic Case Boundary Map Case Boundary Map.pdf1695304pdf

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