Economic research and briefings

​The Council’s economic policy team produces and commissions a range of research and regular briefing papers on the Leeds economy.

The Leeds Economy Handbook provides an overview of key data relating to the Leeds economy, including the labour market and the property market. More detailed analysis is provided in briefing papers on employment trends, Index of Deprivation data and levels of development activity.

We publish a weekly Leeds Economy News Briefing, recent editions of which can be downloaded from the related documents section.

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Leeds Growth Strategy

Growing the economy means more money for public services, reduced unemployment and better wages, but that it also brings social and environmental impacts.

Leeds Growth Strategy aims to identify key sectors and locations for growth, alongside opportunities for regeneration, housing, skills development, transport and infrastructure projects that will help the city's economy grow.

It also recognises the broader range of challenges facing the economy and calls for a focus on achieving ‘good growth’, rather than growth for its own sake, whereby all Leeds residents can to benefit from the effects of the city’s prosperity.

A full range of supporting documents is available online at, including an independent assessment by consultant economists Volterra, examining opportunities for growth and challenges facing the Leeds economy. It highlights the need to reduce unemployment, invest in skills, support start-up and scale up businesses, boost exports and investment in R&D, if the city is to achieve its full potential for growth.


Core Strength: Supporting the Growth of Leeds City Centre (PDF 16.5MB) looks at the nature and scale of what economists call ‘agglomeration’ in our cities and the increasingly important role played by Leeds city centre in driving job creation and growth for the wider regional economy.

Published by the Centre for Cities, the report says that policy should focus on continued growth of the city centre, in particular through development of office space to meet the future demands of business, improving skills and transport links to enable residents to access employment opportunities created in the city centre and to link businesses to other businesses.

More jobs, better jobs

While there are signs of growth in the numbers of high skilled and low skilled jobs, the ‘hollowing out’ of the jobs market in the UK means there are fewer middle ranking jobs, with one in four jobs likely to remain low-skilled and low-paid.

Connecting Growth and Poverty Reduction looks at the importance of improving workforce skills to ensure the benefits of growth are more widely shared.

The report is based on the More Jobs Better Jobs partnership set between the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Leeds City Council and the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Employment change in Leeds, Employment Change in Leeds 2010-15 (PDF 248KB)Employment change in Leeds<div class="ExternalClass1FFA5B96F1154D7EB8E1C136669E57CE">​View our document relating to employment change in Leeds.​​​</div>
Index of Deprivation 2015, Index of Deprivation 2015 (PDF 228KB)Index of Deprivation 2015<div class="ExternalClass27126B31B29C4A9AA25CC38C5AAB9CEB">Work commissioned from the University of Oxford by Communities and Local Government on updating the Index of Deprivation 2007 using more up-to-date data, has now been published.​​​​</div>
Leeds Economy Handbook, The Leeds Economy (PDF 279KB), Leeds Labour Market (PDF 740KB), Leeds Property Market (PDF 333KB)Leeds Economy Handbook <div class="ExternalClassAF096ACDB0D44061A54EED369370B2EE">Overview of the Leeds economy, including: historical development, gross value added and productivity, key sectors, business formation and stock; population, labour market and employment change; Leeds property market and investment.<br><br><a href="/docs/Economy%20Handbook%20Summary.pdf">Economy Handbook Summary (PDF 114KB)</a>​​​​​​​</div>
Property Investment in Leeds, Property Investments in Leeds 2008-2017 (PDF 265KB)Property Investment in Leeds<div class="ExternalClass177AE4CC23114041B82C186117EB90B0">This report analyses the property returns of property agents active in Leeds.​​​​​​​</div>



Microsoft Word - LEH 01 Summary.doc Handbook Summary.pdf125241pdf
Updated : 2 December 1996 Index of Deprivation 2015.pdf230553pdf
Updated : 2 December 1996 Change in Leeds 2010-15.pdf241429pdf
PowerPoint Presentation Economy April 2017.pdf741772pdf
PowerPoint Presentation Economy presentation - July 2017.pdf751197pdf
Property Property Market.pdf357466pdf
LEEDS LABOUR MARKET Labour Market.pdf769289pdf
Property investment in Leeds 2008-2017.pdf263609pdf
The Leeds Economy Leeds Economy.pdf307927pdf

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