Projects Programmes and Procurement Unit (PPPU)

The focus of the Projects Programmes and Procurement Unit (PPPU) is to take the strategic lead with regard to partnership opportunities and to provide guidance and support to individual departments on projects they wish to promote.

The Projects Programmes and Procurement Unit (PPPU) is involved in the complex procurement of a number of projects in Leeds:

  • Cardinal Heenan Project
  • Leeds 7 Schools Project
  • 10 Primary Schools Project
  • Street Lighting Project
  • Swarcliffe Social Housing Project
  • Joint Service Centres Project
  • Building Schools for the Future Project Wave 1 Programme
  • Independent Living Project
  • Little London and Beeston Hill & Holbeck Project
  • New Leaf Leisure Centres Project
  • Residual Waste Project
  • Well Being Centres: Holt Park Project
  • West Yorkshire Police Project
  • South Leeds High School Project

Further details of the above projects can be obtained in the Outline Business Cases in the related documents section.



FORWARD 10 primary schools obc.pdf281298pdf
IL project cover.qxd living project obc.pdf1906998pdf
Outline Business Case building schools for the future phase 1 obc.pdf425302pdf
SBC and OBC Framework building schools for the future phase 4 obc.pdf685896pdf
Microsoft Word - Building Schools for the future Phase 5.doc building schools for the future phase 5 obc.pdf105007pdf
Outline Business Case building schools for the future phases 2 and 3 obc.pdf847698pdf
Microsoft Word - Leeds 7 Schools OBC doc.rtf 7 schools obc.pdf160061pdf
Microsoft Word - Revised LCC Residual Waste PFI OBC text 2008-2-27 PUK-Defra v7.0 CLEAN.doc residual waste project obc.pdf417977pdf
Little London Final Business Case London Final Business Case and Appendices.pdf7190544pdf
Little London Project Agreement London Project Agreement and Schedules.pdf5478730pdf
“´ç Y _ À – “´ç Y _ À – social housing project obc.pdf448203pdf
Little London Volume 1 Output Specification 1 Output Specification.pdf466024pdf
Little London Volume 2 Output Specification 2 Output Specification.pdf2093193pdf
Little London Vol 1 ANNEXES Output Spec 1 ANNEXES Output Specification.pdf1385086pdf

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