Procurement Policy and Regulation

Procurement Strategy October 2013

The Council is seeking to improve outcomes and value for money from the goods, works and services that it buys supported by policies and processes that enable clear accountabilities, openness and transparency. It is our duty to ensure this money is spent in the most effective way and delivers value for money.

The approach will be:

  • category management based, grouping together related purchasing across the whole council to improve efficiency; and
  • whole lifecycle based which runs throughout the procurement process end to end.

If you are involved in the procurement process in any way, please refer to the Procurement Strategy in the downloads section of this page for more details.

Contract Procedure Rules

Leeds City Council's Contract Procedure Rules (CPRs) are the procedures dictating the way in which procurement (purchasing) should be carried out within the council. These were last updated 1st April 2015.


  • are essential to help staff to stay within the law and council policy
  • apply to all contracts for the provision of goods, works or services whether a competitive tender is involved or not;
  • set out the particular way in which procurement activity should be carried out giving consideration to the value of the contract and the implications of this;
  • set out how records of procurement activity, any resulting contract(s) (if applicable) and any associated reports, waivers or approvals should be retained and legally for how long;
  • reflect the council's new ambition and strategy for procurement; and
  • encompass the many laws that govern procurement within the UK as well as EU Public Procurement Directives.

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Procurement Strategy Strategy V1.0 PUBLISH 30.09.2013.pdf304086pdf
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DATED Goods Framework.pdf540641pdf

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