Interpreting and Translation Service

We can provide interpreters to help people understand things, such as their legal rights, medical advice or their financial or other responsibilities.

If you need an interpreting or translation service, you will need to request an account. Once you have registered, you will be able to add requests for interpreting or translations.

Do you need a document translating? Contact us for a free quote.



Applying to become a freelance interpreter or translator with the councilApplying to become a freelance interpreter or translator with the council<div class="ExternalClass483F1864C5594F6A851880E3A17D86D9"><p>Do you have excellent English language skills and speak another language?<br><br>Can you provide a confidential, professional and punctual service helping the council communicate with its customers?<br><br>If you have a qualification in interpreting and/or translation and you are interested in becoming a freelance interpreter or translator, get in touch today by emailing <strong><a href=""></a></strong>.</p></div>
BSL video interpretingBSL video interpreting<div class="ExternalClass2EC8630AA22D462FA4DFB55A97B7FA43"><p>A new BSL video interpreting service is coming soon.</p><br></div>
Speaking to the council in your own languageSpeaking to the council in your own language<div class="ExternalClass5F4D0D0F9B534B1BB6C3D994AD42180C"><p>​​If you would like to speak to us by phone in your own language about a council service use the search or the contact us page to find the service you need.</p><p>We will ask you to tell us which language you speak and then we will be able to quickly find you an interpreter.</p> <p>We can also arrange for someone to speak face to face with you at one of the council’s one stop centres across the city. Please use <a href="/where-i-live">Where I live</a> to see where your closest drop-in centre is and find their contact details to arrange an appointment.​</p></div>
Learning EnglishLearning English<div class="ExternalClass3B58DF193A9D4286B4151C9D68F35CBF"><p>If you are interested in learning English, the <a rel="external" href="">Learning English in leeds website</a> can help.</p></div>
Supporting other public servicesSupporting other public services<div class="ExternalClassB2576B0ADD2F44E396612FBAE8FB05CD">We also provide an interpreting and translation service for other public services.<br><br>If your organisation needs an interpreter, please note that there is a charge for the service. Please see the <strong>Documents </strong>section on this page for the list of our charges.​ ​</div>

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