Joining the Belle Isle TMO Board

Joining the Belle Isle TMO Board

The Belle Isle TMO Board currently meets every month in Belle Isle and is made up of up to 12 local Tenant Board members and 6 Co-opted/Independent Members. (Co-opted/Independent means that the Board invites these people to join the Board because of their particular skills or experience).

The BITMO Board elects a Chairperson which is Leon Kirkham. In addition the Board also elects Vice Chairs and the Treasurer which is currently Jean Burton, who is a tenant of Belle Isle. The Board will choose the Chair and Vice Chairs for the coming year at their next meeting in October.

The Board leads the organisation, setting its overall goals and priorities. On a day to day basis the staff team, led by the Chief Executive Officer, carries out work on behalf of the Board.

Tenant Board Members

Every year at the AGM in September shareholders elect up to 12 Tenant Board members. If you are a Council tenant in Belle Isle you too could stand for election to the Board. You must join BITMO as a shareholder first (this costs 10 pence) and then ask another shareholder to nominate you.
Co-opted or Independent Board members

BITMO has since its inception co-opted two local Councillors to its Board every year. In addition BITMO have also invited or Co-opted Board members to join the Board who have particular skills such as technical knowledge of energy efficiency schemes, understanding of sheltered housing and care issues, a link to local faith communities or experience in environmental maintenance. Other skills such as financial management and construction skills have often been sought after. the Board will confirm its Co-opted members at its next Board meeting in October.
If you want to speak to someone about joining the Board please contact or telephone 0113 378 2182 to find out more.