Paying your rent

There are several ways to pay your rent.

Pay online

Pay your housing rent online

Pay by direct debit or standing order

Direct debit is the quickest and most convenient way to pay your rent. To set this up, call the rent team on 0113 378 2187.

You can also download the direct debit form (PDF, 173 KB) external link and once completed return it to:

Neighbourhoods and Housing Department, Selectapost 12, Merrion House, Leeds, LS2 8BB

You can also return the form in person to the BITMO office at Aberfield Gate and we will forward this on for you.​​​​

To pay by standing order, download the standing order (PDF, 21 KB) external link or collect a form from BITMO office. Once this is completed, please take this to your bank.

You will need your 9 digit rent reference number.

Pay at a Post Office or Pay Zone

Take your rent card to the Post Office, Pay Point or Pay Zones outlets and make a payment, free of charge.

If you lose your rent card please contact the BITMO Rent Account Team who will arrange to send you a new card.

Paying by debit card

If you would like to pay by debit card, you can phone the Leeds City Council’s automated telephone service on 0113 395 7100 (24hours). You will need your 9 digit rent account reference number.

You can also call BITMO Rent Account Team during office hours on 0113 378 2187 and we will process your rent payment.​

Council tax and housing benefit changes

If you are claiming Council Tax Support or Housing Benefits, you need to let Leeds City Council know about any changes to your address or circumstances

You can let them know in person, online or by post.