BITMO tenant repairs

If you are not a Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation tenant, call Housing Leeds​ on 0800 188 4000 or 0113 376 0410.

If you are a Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation (BITMO) tenant, you can request a repair:

  • Online via our Online System (but only for non-emergency repairs)
  • By phoning our Freephone Repairs Hotline on 0800 389 5503 or (0113) 3782188
  • In writing or in person to the Belle Isle Office at Aberfield Gate Office

Please remember all our staff carry ID cards. For your own safety we ask that you ask to see their ID before allowing them into your home. Should you wish to check someone’s credentials before allowing them into your home phone 0800 389 5503 or (0113) 378 2188.

Emergencies out of normal office hours

You should always ring 0113 376 0499 and your request will be passed to our Out of Hours Repairs Service. Please note that this service is for emergencies only and a charge will be made where the repair is found not to be an emergency.

We ask you to:

  • Report repairs quickly
  •  Make sure you are at home for an appointment
  • Give as much information about repairs as possible
  • Cooperate with us, which can mean removing furniture and floor finishes and keeping children and pets out of the way