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Find out about requesting repairs, paying rent, gas servicing and dealing with anti social behaviour.



Annual Home VisitsAnnual Home Visits
BITMO tenant repairsBITMO tenant repairs
Gas safety and servicingGas safety and servicing
Money managementMoney management
Neighbour issues and anti social behaviourNeighbour issues and anti social behaviour
Paying your rentPaying your rent
Recharging for repairsRecharging for repairs
Repair responsibilitiesRepair responsibilities

​Belle Isle TMO is here to help you with any issues, advice and information you might need in order to live comfortably and safely in your home.

In this section we can offer advice and help on a range of topics:

Rent.... methods of payment and what to do if you get behind. Includes information on benefits.

Repairs.... How to request a repair, which repairs we are responsible for and which you will need to organise yourself.

Gas Safety.... Who to ring in a gas emergency and information about how we service your gas appliances.

Anti Social Behaviour… How to report problems and find help ending disputes.