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We are trying to improve the Belle isle community - you can be involved too.



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What's happening in BITMOs GATEWhat's happening in BITMOs GATE

As a Tenant Management Organisation, we are constantly striving to try to improve the Belle Isle community.

This includes:

  • better communication about services and activities that we are involved in - through our web site and estate newsletters
  • offering opportunities for tenants and residents to become a Belle Isle TMO Shareholder or join the Board of Management
  • listening to views and opinions through the Tenant Panel and other consultation activities
  • offer a variety of ways in which our tenants can be involved in the decisions that are made as regards to our services.  There are the various ways in which you can be involved
  • support tenants and residents who want to start up Tenant and Resident Associations
  • invite tenants and residents to participate in estate walkabouts and inspections

If you are interested or require more information about any of these, click on the links on this page or email