Registering for a home

To bid for any of the properties available for rent you need to be a member of Leeds Homes.

To register, simply fill out a Leeds Homes Membership Form

  • You can download a copy from the documents in this page
  • You can download a form from the Leeds Homes website
  • You can pick up a form from our office or any local housing office/One Stop Centre

Remember you will not be able to bid until your form has been processed and accepted

Once you have registered and this has been confirmed you can start bidding.

To choose a property you need to ‘express an interest’ in that property. 

You can do this on up to three homes per week by

  • Using the Leeds Homes website
  • Texting your bids to 60066
  • Telephoning on 0113 3782188
  • Posting your bids using the Property Interest Form, printed in the Leeds Homes magazine
  •  Telephone the Leeds Homes mini com on 0113 222 4410

The deadline for bids is 5.00 p.m. on a Monday or text bids is 1.00 p.m. on a Monday (except for certain bank holidays).

For further information please contact on (0113) 3782188 or 08003895503