Mutual house exchange

A mutual exchange occurs when two tenants decide to swap homes.  If you rent from a Council or Housing Association this could be a fast and easy way to find a new home.

Leeds Homes has joined a national mutual exchange register called House Exchange.  You can use the Leeds Homes website to put you in touch with other tenants wanting to swap their homes.

You will need to complete the online registration form to receive your ID number and password to the use the website.

New customers join the scheme on a daily basis, so if you don’t find a swap straight away, keep logging into the website every week or so.

Once you have found someone to swap homes with, you will need to check each other’s homes before agreeing to move.  You also need to contact your landlord to get permission for the mutual exchange to go ahead.  You must not move without getting your landlord's written agreement.  If you do, you will have to move back to your original home and may even risk losing your home.

For further information on Mutual Exchanges please contact​.