How priority is awarded

Customers will have their household’s housing needs categorised into one of three bands on the Leeds Homes Register:

Band A - customers requiring urgent re-housing where the council has a legal duty to consider them for accommodation.

Band B -  customers in non-urgent need whom the council has a legal duty to consider for re-housing.

Band C -  all other customers, including those

  • With no assessed housing need
  • Whose priority award (Band A or Band B) has expired
  • Whose priority has been removed after they refused a reasonable offer of accommodation
  • Without a local connection to Leeds (the exceptions to this will be customers without a local connection accepted under the witness protection scheme).

BITMO on behalf of the council will assess housing needs when it receives information that indicates an assessment for one of the priority bands is warranted.

People who deliberately make their housing circumstances worse in order to obtain a higher priority will have their preference reduced and will be placed at the bottom of Band B.  Examples of deliberately worsening circumstances may include

  • Giving up a suitable property to move in to an overcrowded situation
  • Giving up a suitable adapted property to move into a property which doesn’t meet the customer’s needs
  • Staff are unable to establish a reasonable justification for the customer’s current housing situation
  • Causing damage to, or failing to maintain their property to the extent that they lack facilities, or the property becomes hazardous.