Rent a home

Applying to rent a Council Home in Belle Isle.



How priority is awardedHow priority is awarded
Local connection and time on the waiting listLocal connection and time on the waiting list
Local lettings policyLocal lettings policy
Mutual house exchangeMutual house exchange
Registering for a homeRegistering for a home
Sheltered housingSheltered housing

Council  homes managed by Belle Isle TMO  are let using the Choice Based Lettings (CBL) system that is used to let all Leeds City Council homes.

When a property becomes empty or the tenant tells us they are going to leave, we will produce an advert in the Leeds Homes Magazine giving details about the size of the property, rent and location as well as any other useful information. Adverts are displayed from Wednesday through to Monday. 

Copies of the Leeds Homes Magazine are free to pick up at our office or any other local housing offices or One-Stop-Centres. Or you can keep up to date using the Leeds Homes website  

When the home is advertised registered applicants can express an interest in a property by ‘bidding’ for it.  Bidding means you are saying that you would like to be considered for the property.

For more information on applying for accommodation in Belle Isle please email or call 0113 378 2188