Since 2004, using funding received from Leeds City Council, Belle Isle TMO has completed a number of key improvement projects on the estate.

Up until 2010 this centred on what was called the Decency Programme – this included an extensive programme of improvement including kitchen and bathroom replacement for a number of years.
Since 2010 the BITMO Board has maintained high levels of decency and in addition has;
·         Reroofed over 200 properties across the estate
·         Refurbished and redesigned 16 properties on Windmill Close
·         Replaced all single glazed windows on the estate
·         Improved door security  with a high security lock programme
·         Begun rolling out a pointing programme
·         Completed external wall insulation to properties in the West Granges, Rosedale and Newhalls
·         Put in place an annual plan to upgraded boilers and central heating systems
·         Rolled out a programme to alleviate parking issues in a number of areas of the estate
BITMO has also brought 12 properties back into the Council’s stock on Windmill Road, Broom Road, Winrose Drive, Belle Isle Circus, Low Grange Crescent that had previously been used for other non-housing purposes.
Last year (2016) one of the big projects was the Fencing Programme in the Brooms, Nesfields and Newhalls as well as continuing other projects and programmes.