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Intellectual property

Various aspects of your products, services or business may be protectable. In order to determine how this can be done you need to have an understanding of Intellectual Property (IP). The links on the right of this page give you a brief overview of IP ("What is IP?") while the links to Patents, Trade marks, Registered Designs and Copyright answer some of the frequently asked questions on these main types of IP.

Finding out whether a patent or trade mark is new or in force or what new developments a particular company or individual is working on can be vital. Click on the links to "Patent and trade mark searching" and "Patents as a source of information" for an explanation of how we can help with this.

To find out what information we hold in relation to older patents and trade marks clink on the link to "Historical research".

Some of the main issues and common problems involved in developing, producing and selling new products are described in "Getting a product to market".

Business & IP Centre Leeds

Our staff have many years experience in dealing with all types of IP enquiries and we are happy to help with any queries you may have. Please contact us by phone, email, or come in and see us.

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The Intellectual Property Office (IPO)
The IPO is the government body responsible for granting IP rights. IP for Business from the IPO is a range of online tools designed to help you understand, identify, protect and exploit your IP assets to their fullest potential. IP Equip is a free interactive online learning tool to help you identify assets which may be protected by IP rights. It takes around an hour to complete and is suitable for everyone from small business owners to professional advisors.