Telecare Services

Telecare is a service that can support older and vulnerable people to live safely and independently in their own home through the use of simple sensors. Telecare can monitor you, a family member, or someone you care for 24 hours a day, by raising an alert if the sensor detects any problems.
Telecare builds upon the existing Care Ring pendant alarm system to offer added security at home. Sensors are placed around the home on ceilings, doors and walls or may be worn by the service user in the form of a pendant, watch or belt.
Equipment includes:
  • sensors which can detect falls, movement, and bed or chair occupancy
  • epilepsy and enuresis sensors
  • medication reminders and pill dispensers
  • smoke, gas and flood detectors
  • emergency pull cords
  • bogus caller alert

How does Telecare work?

If a Telecare sensor activates in someone's home, an alert is automatically raised to a 24-hour response centre. Staff at the response centre will contact the person to check their safety. They will then respond appropriately - either providing reassurance or advice, or contacting a family member, mobile warden or emergency service.
The response centre staff will have information about the person using the service, will be able to identify which sensor has been activated, and how best to respond.
How to get Telecare equipment

If you would like to be assessed for Telecare then please contact the contact centre on 0113 222 4401 and they will pass your information onto Adult Social Care, or you can speak to someone at your local One Stop Centre. You can also contact Telecare directly on 0113 3783290
The assessment process covers:
  • your needs
  • what changes you would like to make to your life, to live as independently as possible
  • your carer's needs, if any
  • whether you are eligible for support for Adult Social Care
  • the services which may be available and how much they cost
  • what happens next - part of this will involve a financial assessment

You can have Telecare with or without a support package provided by care staff or personal assistants, depending on your needs.