Natural, Built and Historic Environment

The information about the natural, built and historic environment is contained in a number of pages detailed below.

Conservation and heritage
Information about Leeds as an historic city

Conservation areas
Details of conservation areas in Leeds

Conservation appraisals
Why an area has been designated as a conservation area and proposals for its preservation and enhancement.

Listed buildings
Details of listed buildings in Leeds

TPO and trees in conservation areas
What are Tree Preservation Orders and the need to have permission before doing work to protected trees.

High Hedges
Details of what to do about nuisance hedges

Hedgerows Regulations (non domestic)
Regulation and need for permission to protect hedgerows

Landscape and development
Advising on aspects of landscape conservation and design. , and protected trees

Ecology and nature conservation
Advising on nature conservation and biodiversity issues

Contributing to the enhancement of the quality of the built environment and the promotion of good design.






Leeds Map 1725 Map 1725.pdf178383pdf
Leeds Map 1864 Map 1864.pdf670864pdf

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