Houses in multiple occupation - article 4 direction

Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) are needed to provide an affordable form of housing, particularly for young people, those on lower incomes and students. Sometimes areas have extreme concentrations of HMOs which can have a negative effect on communities. We have an Article 4 Direction (PDF 583 KB) in place to prevent communities from becoming imbalanced.

The Article 4 direction removes permitted development rights within a certain area. You will need planning permission to convert a Class C3 dwelling house into a Class C4 house in multiple occupation.

A map of the areas affected by the Article 4 is available to download.

You may also need to apply for an HMO licence. HMO licences are governed by The Housing Act 2004 which is separate from planning legislation. A decision to grant a HMO licence under the Housing Act 2004 will have no bearing on any decisions made in the planning process.



The Article 4 direction The Article 4 direction.pdf596442pdf
Article 4 direction area plan Article 4 direction area plan.pdf2774082pdf

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