Equipment to help you live at home

There are many types of equipment to help you with everyday activities at home.

These can help you live more independently and safely if you're older or disabled.

Different types of equipment can be used to help in the:

  • kitchen - such as bigger control knobs for the cooker and kettle tippers to help you pour water
  • bathroom - such as raised toilet seats and commodes, shower and bath seats, alterations to taps
  • bedroom - such as specially adapted beds, grab rails, talking clocks
  • living room - such as specially adapted chairs, mobile or ceiling mounted hoists
  • rest of your home - such as louder doorbells and phones, wall to floor rails, alterations to steps, trolleys for carrying things between rooms

Getting the right equipment


Take an online assessment to find out what equipment could help you around the home with Carers UK external link.

You can buy most daily living equipment from the high street or online and this is the quickest way to get the help you need.

Find out what you need

Speak to someone for advice

There are occupational therapists who can give advice on your needs and recommend equipment to help you at home. You can also speak to your district nurse for help and advice. 

You, a family member or friend can ask for an assessment free of charge from William Merritt. You won’t need to speak to your doctor or healthcare professional first. They will also let you know where you can buy equipment from.

You can get help and advice on the types of equipment that will make living at home easier from Care and Repair Leeds.

Buy equipment yourself

Find organisations and services where you can buy equipment on Leeds Directory.

Equipment from the council

You can contact our adult social care team if you would like to talk about the support we can offer.

We will either:

  • pass your details to your doctor who can discuss your needs
  • let a healthcare professional know who will carry out an assessment


A healthcare professional will contact you to arrange an assessment. This will help decide what equipment is right for you and if there is enough space for this in your home.

After the assessment, your equipment will be ordered from the Leeds Community Equipment Services (LCES) team.

Only the healthcare professional who assessed you can order your equipment.

The equipment will be delivered as soon as it is available and a suitable time will be arranged with you.

Changes to your needs

Equipment is free of charge and on loan to you as long as you need this.

If you no longer need your equipment, it’s faulty or damaged, let the LCES team know by email, or call 0113 378 3282 (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm, Saturday to Sunday, 8am to 4pm).

Further help at home

You can also make changes to your home so that it is suitable for you to live in. Find more information on adapting your home.

Having alarms at home can also help making it easier to stay living independently. Find more information on help alarms.

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