Change4Life Fun day and Swapathon

Change4Life Fun Day and Swapathon Toolkit

The Change4Life Fun Day and Swapathon brings to life the Change4Life messages for families in a Fun Day format and engages them to make healthy lifestyle changes. The Change4Life Fun Day is child-led and delivers the Change4Life messages to parents and families in a playful, interactive way. The child-led nature of the fun day empowers children to deliver health messages. Parents were found to respond well to messages delivered by children and to be motivated to make small swaps to eat well and move more.

How it works

At the Change4Life Fun Day families take part in a trail with games and activities run by children each which brings to life one of the Change4Life messages. Participants receive a sticker on their trail card for each activity they take part in and when they have 6 stickers they receive a Change4Life prize and are encouraged to sign up to the Swapathon. The Swapathon involves families making a small swap to “eat well or move more” and maintaining this for 3 or 4 weeks. At the end of the Swapathon period schools hold a celebration assembly and families who have taken part receive a certificate and /or are entered in a prize draw.


Over 200 schools and community groups have run Change4Life Fun Days in Leeds since 2008 with over 20,000 children and families taking part. The initiative has received excellent feedback from schools and other organisations and has been one of the most popular and effective ways to engage families in healthy lifestyle education and behaviour change.

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Download your resources 
Download and print the resources listed below. You can do this by clicking on the links provided.
Promoting the Fun Day templates
For the Fun Day - Templates
Adult Trail Card (6 activities)
Child Trail Card (6 activities)
Swapathon Follow Up Template
Swapathon Follow up letter - following up on challenges 3 - 4 weeks later (add details)

Additional Resources

Trail cards for 4 activities instead of 6:

Additional Posters - for display purposes

Contact information:
Jan Burkhardt
Advanced Health Improvement Specialist – Young People
The Office of the Director of Public Health
Children and Families Public Health Team
Technorth, 9 Harrogate Road, Leeds, LS7 3NB
Mobile: 07712 214864
E mail:




Change4Life Fun Day and Swapathon Handbook Fun Day and Swapathon Handbook.pdf3418526pdf
Change4life Fun Day and Swapathon Toolkit Fun Day and Swapathon Toolkit .pdf412666pdf
Change4life Fun Day monitoring [doc] Fun Day monitoring.doc42496doc
C4Life swapathon certificate swapathon certificate.pdf1546723pdf
C4Life swapathon and diary swapathon and diary.pdf1333040pdf
Fun Day Poster template [doc] Day Poster template.doc935936doc
Letter template promoting Fun Day [doc] template promoting Fun Day.doc59904doc
Swapathon Follow-up Letter template [doc] Follow-up Letter template.doc79360doc
Swapathon Sign Up Form [doc] Sign Up Form.doc58880doc

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