Additional guidance documents for making an application

These additional documents on the Additional guidance documents for making an application docs available thoughh the Related Pages section will help you provide the information required by the validation criteria to ensure your application is complete. If you do not submit the information required and do not explain why you think this is not needed, your application will be invalid and will not be processed.  

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CIL Guidance Note CIL Guidance Note June 2015.pdf264190pdf
Agricultural Validation validation July 13.pdf31788pdf
Advert Validation validation July 13.pdf29184pdf
Details Validation validation July 13.pdf25463pdf
Demolition Validation validation July 13.pdf34520pdf
CLE Validation validation July 13.pdf29032pdf
CLP Validation validation July 13.pdf28660pdf
Household validation criteria Feb 15.pdf65024pdf
Hedge Validation validation July 13.pdf31185pdf
Listed Building validation criteria Building validation Jan 2015.pdf60712pdf
Notices for Planning for Planning.pdf10788pdf
Prior Approval and Notification Forms Approval Applications and Prior Notifications and Completion forms.pdf26651pdf
Non Material Amendment Validation Material Amendments.pdf20251pdf
Minerals Application Form.p65 40 Mineral Application Form.pdf26531pdf
Microsoft Word - Minerals Leaflet.doc 41 Minerals Leaflet.pdf220585pdf
Planning validation criteria Apr 2017 validation criteria Apr 2017.pdf131588pdf
Telecom Validation validation July 13.pdf27207pdf
Tree Validation validation July 13.pdf27656pdf
TPO Validation validation July 13.pdf28184pdf

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