Junior Bodyline activities
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 Junior Bodyline activities

If you're aged 8 to 18, you can get a Junior Bodyline membership, which costs less than an adult membership, but still gives you access to lots of activities, like swimming, fitness classes and the gym.

Age                                  Unsupervised                                                 Supervised*

8-11 yrs                            Casual swimming sessions                               Climbing wall (available at Aireborough

                                        Junior fitness classes                                       leisure centre only)


12-13 yrs                          Casual swimming sessions                               Bodyline gym and weights room at 

                                        Junior fitness classes                                       any time

                                        Junior gym and weights room sessions              Climbing wall (available at Aireborough

                                        Squash                                                           leisure centre only)

14-15 yrs                          Casual swimming sessions                               Climbing wall (available at Aireborough 

                                        Any fitness class                                             leisure centre only)

                                        Bodyline gym and weights room at any time

                                        (excluding Fearnville and Garforth leisure centres)


16 - 18 yrs                        Casual swimming sessions

                                        Any fitness class                      

                                        Bodyline gym and weights rooms at any time


                                        Climbing wall (available at Aireborough leisure

                                        centre only)

* For supervised activities, one person aged 16 or over can supervise up to two young people.  Please contact your local leisure centre for more information

Gym inductions
Junior Bodyline includes access to the gym but you will need to have a gym induction before you can start using the equipment.  The cost of your induction is included in the cost of your membership.  For those wishing to attend the gym on a pay and play basis a charge will be made for induction.

Inductions take approximately one hour and include using the cardio and resistance machines.  Your instructor will also give you a Bodyline towel and water-bottle to use on future visits.  Inductions are practical sessions so you need to wear appropriate clothes and footwear to use the equipment.
Please contact your local leisure centre to arrange a gym induction.                              ‚Äč