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Fitness classes at John Charles Centre for Sport

John Charles Centre for Sport offers an exciting range of fitness classes, most are held in the dance studio in the aquatics centre.  So no matter what your fitness goals we have a class to suit you, with over 35 weekly classes.

For information on days and times of all our fitness classes at the John Charles Centre for Sport click on the downloads tab below.

These are just some of our favourites:

High energy - get super fit

  • Circuits - set your own pace around the cardiovascular and toning exercise stations to tailor the intensity of your workout.
  • Power hour - prepare to pump iron along to some great music. This class is great for both women and men.
  • Boxercise - high energy boxing combination with high calorie burning results to give you a toned physique

Dance – dance your way to fitness

  • Step into action with another classic fitness class that will help you burn calories and improve your balance to some upbeat music.
  • Aqua fit - take your workout to the water and go easy on your joints in this aqua-aerobics class

Mind and body –take away life's stresses

  • Yoga - chill out and shape up with a combination of breathing exercises, physical postures and meditation. Excellent for improved posture, increased body tone and flexibility.
  • Pilates - prepare to work your body to develop your core muscles, increase strength and flexibility. It might not be a hot and sweaty workout but don’t let that fool you as you’ll soon start to see the results.

Strength and conditioning – tone and sculpt your body

  • Fab abs designed to strengthen your core and tone your tummy to give you fab looking abs.
  • Legs bums tums - low impact aerobic warm-up followed by a session of toning exercises
  • Fitball - strengthen your core and increase your balance doing exercises designed around the Fitball.

Heartwatch – Active Life

An exercise programme designed for the over 50’s that can include more than one activity in each session. Come along and get your heart fighting fit,​  See related page below for more information.

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