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 Children's parties

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Party planning
If you’re looking for a children’s party that is going to keep the kids entertained and you stress free then look no further!  Our leisure centres offer a wide variety of parties suitable for a range of ages and abilities. 

Below is a list of the type of parties which are available, although please note that not all types of parties are available at every leisure centre.  Parties can be tailored to meet your individual needs as much as possible through discussion with our leisure centre staff. 

All the parties shown below come with a party organiser as well as lifeguards for pool parties.

Pool based parties

  • Mini-water polo
  • Water polo
  • Large pool inflatable
  • Small pool party

Dry-side parties

  • Life size inflatable football party
  • Terminator challenge
  • Tiny tots
  • Play gym
  • Bouncy castle and soft play
  • Fitness Kinnex Party
  • Go-karting party
  • Team games
  • Mini-team games
  • Themed sports parties
  • Skate and scooter party
  • Arts and crafts arty party
  • Climbing
  • Gladiators
  • Mini-Olympics
  • Roller Hockey
  • Roller Disco
  • Xerdance           

Outdoor water parties

  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Raft-building
  • Sailing parties

Party prices
Party prices vary depending on their type and size.  Please contact your local leisure centre for information on party prices and information.

How to book
Information about which centres provide children's parties can be found here. ​

To discuss your requirements and book a party please contact the leisure centre at which you wish to hold your party.  You can check availability by either phoning, emailing or going into the centre of your choice.  Arrangements for the payment of the party vary from centre to centre, so you will need to contact the centre directly for their payment terms and conditions.  ​