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Aqua fun

AquaFun introduces children to the increasingly popular sport of synchronised swimming. It is a natural progression from formal swimming lessons and is now integrated into the Amateur Swimming Association's (ASA) National Plan for Teaching Swimming (NPTS) as one of the options in Stage 8, 9 and 10.

Through the stages children develop advanced water skills, strength, timing and breathing control in order to perform a routine of impressive dance and gymnastics moves in the water.

AquaFun can be enjoyed by both boys and girls of any age (6years+) depending only on their ability to swim (see minimum entry standard required by the clubs below).

AquaFun can be enjoyed at two synchronised swimming clubs in Leeds and also at selected leisure centres.

  • Wetherby leisure centre on Mondays 5.00 - 6.00pm for Stage 9 and 10
  • Wetherby leisure centre on Fridays 5.00 - 6.00pm for Stage 8.
  • Leeds Kingfishers are based at Kippax leisure centre and Knottingley and train on a Tuesday 7:15pm - 8:15pm, Friday 7.00-8.30pm and Sunday 4.00-6.00pm
    Minimum entry standard: ability to swim 50 metres and pick up an object from the pool floor.
  • Pudsey Pearls are based at Pudsey leisure centre and Aireborough leisure centre.  They train on :
    Friday 8pm - 9pm at Aireborough leisure centre and Sunday 6.00-8.00pm Pudsey Leisure Centre
    Preferred standard; NPTS stage 8, Leeds Dolphin 8 (swimming) or any Leeds Dolphin synchronised swimming certificate or equivalent
  • Both clubs are Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) affiliated and compete in local and national events.

Club beginners courses run over 8 and 10 weeks, and provide a fun introduction into the sport. Participants learn exciting new skills in the water which are made into short routines. 

Taster sessions and camps take place in leisure centres.

Introductory courses in Synchronised Swimming run across Leeds for children aged 7-10 years. For more information about the courses and to find your nearest one, contact

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