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If you are unable to pay your rent or mortgage you should get advice as soon as possible. Your home may be at risk if you do not keep up payments. There are links on the right hand side of this page to various different sources of free advice and support that you may find useful.

If you are in arrears you can contact our Mortgage and Tenancy Advice Team who are able to offer specialist housing advice for people who are in financial difficulty.

You can make an appointment by calling 0113 222 4412 or calling in to Leeds Housing Options.

If you are experiencing difficulty with debt, you may wish to contact StepChange who are a charity offering free debt advice and assistance. Other sources of assistance can be found on the Money Advice Centre webpage.​​​

Click to expandWhat will happen at my appointment?

We will go through a detailed assessment of your financial situation including your income, expenditure and debts. Based on this we will produce a ‘Common Financial Statement’ which will give you a clear overview of your finances.

We will also give you some basic advice about ways in which you might be able to reduce your expenditure and/or increase your income.

We will then offer to negotiate with your lender or landlord to see if a payment arrangement or solution can be agreed. Where appropriate we will signpost you to more specialist debt and/or legal advice.

Click to expandWhat should I bring to my appointment?

You will need to bring any documents relating to:

Your income (benefits, wages etc),
Your  expenses (bank statements, bills),
and any debts you may have.

You should also bring your latest rent/mortgage statement.

Click to expandI have a possession order / warrant of eviction from the Court - is it too late?

No. Until the bailiffs have actually changed the locks we may still be able to assist you to save your home. If you have paperwork from the Court please come in and see us as soon as possible.​

Click to expandAre you able to pay off my arrears?

In most cases we are not able to pay off arrears. However, we can assist you to make claims for any benefits you are entitled to such as Local Housing Allowance, Housing Benefit and Support for Mortgage Interest. If appropriate we can also assist you in making a claim for Discretionary Housing Payments.

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