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Primary school offer day was Tuesday 18 April

If you applied online, you should have received your offer letter by email on Tuesday 18 April. If you applied using a paper form, offer letters were sent out by second class post on Tuesday 18 April. Please allow time for them to arrive. When you receive your offer letter, follow the instructions provided and contact the school directly to accept the place you have been offered.

School admissions

We produce a composite prospectus to help parents applying for schools. It is published by 12 September each year and is made up of a starting primary school book, a starting secondary school book, admissions policies, how to appeal and a searchable database of information on each individual school. All this information can be found by clicking on the boxes on this page.

Admissions policies are on the page for each individual school. These pages contain supplementary information forms (SIFs) where applicable and, for schools that were oversubscribed the previous year, maps show the distance from the school that pupils were offered places from.

The agreed RE syllabus is available as a PDF.

Please see our School calendar page for dates of school terms and holidays.