A to Z of reusing, recycling and waste disposal
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 A to Z of reusing, recycling and waste disposal

Find your nearest recycling sites and brings sites

What can I put into my green bin?

Tick the box to display all items that you can put in your green bin  
  • Sample imageMagazines

    Please try to re-use magazines by donating them to your friends, relatives, colleagues or your local doctors surgery.
    They can be recycled in your green bin or at your local bring site and recycling site. Recycled magazines will be made into new paper products.

    This item goes in green bin

  • Sample imageMedicines

    Unused medicines and the empty bottles should be returned to a pharmacy for safe disposal. Please DO NOT put medicine bottles in bottle banks.

  • Sample imageMetal

    You can take scrap metal to your local recycling site. Metal will be recycled into new metal products.

  • Sample imageMicrowaves

    If your microwave is in working order, please donate it to a local re-use organisation:
    • Emmaus Leeds 0113 2484288
    • Leeds & Moortown Furniture Store 0113 2739127
    • St Judes 0113 2450800
    • Safe Haven 0113 3451218
    • SLATE 0113 2704005
    • Sydney Bridge 0113 2175388

    You can also donate it to the Revive Leeds re-use shop at the Seacroft recycling site.

    You can recycle your microwave by taking it to your nearest bring site that has a WEEEbank (see W for a list of sites) or to your nearest recycling site, where you can out it in the small electrical waste container.

  • Sample imageMilk containers

    If your milk containers are made from glass, you should return them to your milk man.
    If your milk containers are made from plastic, they can be put in your green recycling bin or taken to your nearest bring site or recycling site.

    This item goes in green bin

  • Sample imageMobile Phones and Accessories

    Some charities run postal collection schemes for unwanted phones. You will be able to find out more information on the internet.
    Most supermarkets and phone shops have collection facilities for unwanted mobile phones. You could also put them in your nearest WEEE bank (see W for a list of sites).

  • Sample imageMonitors

    Old style (CRT) computer monitors have a component called a cathode ray tube which contains hazardous materials. This means that these monitors need to be disposed of correctly.
    You can recycle your old style monitor or flat screen monitor by taking it to your nearest recycling site, where you can put it in the television/monitor container. The metal and plastic will be recycled into new products.

  • Sample imageMedical Waste

    If you need medical waste (e.g. dressings, surgical gloves, drip lines and bags etc.) collecting from your home, please email Refusecollection@leeds.gov.uk to arrange a service suitable for your needs. Please remember to include the address that we will be collecting from, carers' details (if applicable) and the type of medical waste requiring collection in your email.
    The service collects the following items:
    • Bandages, plasters, wound dressings, swabs
    • Empty colostomy bags
    • Surgical gloves, aprons, hair and shoe covers
    • Clinical body wash and cleaning agents.


    Please note that the service does not collect:

    • Needles, syringes, pens - please return these to your doctor or pharmacist
    • Incontinence pads - these can be put in your black bin, please call 0113 2224406 if this causes problems for you
    • Medical implements
    • Excrement and body fluids
    • Medication, tablets, cream etc. - please return these to your doctor or pharmacist
    • Blood, human or animal waste
    • General household waste