A to Z of reusing, recycling and waste disposal
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 A to Z of reusing, recycling and waste disposal

Find your nearest recycling sites and brings sites

What can I put into my green bin?

Tick the box to display all items that you can put in your green bin  
  • Sample imageInkjet Cartridges

    You can refill and re-use inkjet cartridges by buying a refill kit or visiting your local cartridge retailer.
    There are many charities that want unwanted ink cartridges and provide Freepost envelopes so that you can send them your cartridges. These are often available in your local supermarket or other retailer or can be found by entering a search on the internet.

  • Sample imageIrons

    If your iron still works, please donate it to your local charity shop or re-use organisation.

    You can recycle your iron by taking it to your nearest bring site that has a WEEEbank (see W for a list of WEEEbanks) or to your nearest recycling site, where you can put it in the small waste electrical container. The metal and plastic will be recycled into new products.