A to Z of reusing, recycling and waste disposal
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 A to Z of reusing, recycling and waste disposal

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What can I put into my green bin?

Tick the box to display all items that you can put in your green bin  
  • Sample imageGarden Chemicals

    Please see Chemicals

  • Sample imageGas Cylinders / Bottles

    Gas bottles and cylinders can be extremely dangerous when in the wrong hands, so should not be left around after use. Please do not put unwanted gas cylinders or bottles in your black bin. We do not accept gas cylinders at any of our recycling sites. Most gas bottles and cylinders remain the property of the supplier. The supplier’s name will be printed on the item – the most common ones are Calor, BOC and Flogas.

    • Calor gas bottles can be returned to any Calor stockist – please see https://www.calor.co.uk/find-a-stockist If you have the original receipt, you can claim your deposit back. If you are unable to return them yourself, you can arrange a collection free of charge by calling 0113 307 9050.
    • BOC will collect their cylinders free of charge. Please call 0800 111333 and select option 1 to arrange collection.
    • Flogas will collect their cylinders free of charge. Please call 0800 574574 and hold to arrange collection.

    If you have a gas bottle or cylinder that is unbranded or you are unsure of its contents, you can email a picture of it to: email@synrec.co.uk for identification and advice on disposal or telephone National LPG and Industrial Gas Cylinder recovery on 0800 083 9652.

  • Sample imageGift Wrapping Paper

    Please see Christmas Waste.

  • Sample imageGlass (sheets i.e. windows)

    You can re-use sheets of glass by using them to make row covers (cloches) for gardening.
    Please do not put sheets of glass into bottle banks. You can dispose of sheet glass by taking it to your nearest recycling site (see link below) where you should put it in the non-recyclable waste container.
    If you are unable to do this you can ring 0113 2224406 to request a bulky waste collection. Please wrap the glass sheets to protect our collection crew. This will then be disposed of to landfill.

  • Sample imageGlass Jars and Bottles

    Please re-use your glass jars and bottles wherever possible e.g. for jam or homebrew.
    You can recycle your glass jars and bottles by taking them to your nearest bring site or recycling site. Most of the glass collected is recycled into new glass containers and a small amount is used to make aggregate for road building.
    You can now leave screw caps and lids on your bottles and jars before putting them in bottle banks.
    Some glass items (e.g. drinking glasses and Pyrex containers) should not be put into bottle banks. If these items are good enough to re-use, please take them to your local charity shop. If they are not, please wrap them in paper before throwing them away in your black rubbish bin.

    Bottle tops article

  • Sample imageGlasses (Spectacles)

    Many opticians collect unwanted spectacles for re-use in the Developing World. Please ask your local optician about this.

  • Sample imageGrass Cuttings

    Please see Garden Waste.

  • Sample imageGreetings Cards

    Please see Cards.

    This item goes in green bin

  • Sample imageGarden Waste

    Garden Waste includes grass cuttings, clippings, hedge prunings, small branches, etc.

    The most environmentally friendly way of dealing with your garden waste is to compost the material and return it to the land on the site it was produced.  Please see Compost and Composts Bins for more information.
    The best way of managing waste from large hedges, trees and shrubs is to invest in a wood chipper, which allows the production of a mulch material. This can be added to your compost heaps/bins or used directly on your garden as a weed suppressant. Mulch is also very effective at retaining moisture in the soil. By composting and creating mulch, householders even with very large gardens should be able manage their garden waste.
    We provide fortnightly garden waste collections throughout the growing season to certain areas of the city. Please do not put larger twigs and branches in your brown garden waste bin.

    You can also take garden waste to your nearest recycling site.
    If you are unable to do this, you can request a bulky waste collection for up to 4 bags of double bagged garden waste or up to 4 bundles of Wood and branches (which should not be more than 2m long) by ringing 0113 2224406. Any nails/screws need to be removed. Please note that this Service will not collect garden waste if you have a brown garden waste bin.