A to Z of reusing, recycling and waste disposal
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 A to Z of reusing, recycling and waste disposal

Find your nearest recycling sites and brings sites

What can I put into my green bin?

Tick the box to display all items that you can put in your green bin  
  • Sample imageCans

    Rinse and squash all cans (steel and aluminium) and recycle them through your green recycling bin. 
    These items are used in metal smelters and made into new metal products.

    This item goes in green bin

  • Sample imageCardboard

    Did you know? Cardboard sheets can be used in the garden as a mulch to suppress weeds or ripped up can be added to your compost heap. It can also be shredded and used for animal bedding.
    All cardboard such as brown card, cereal boxes, egg boxes, toilet roll tubes etc. can be placed in your green recycling bin.
    Larger corrugated cardboard boxes should be flattened and deposited in the cardboard skips at your nearest recycling site.
    This is recycled back into cardboard products e.g. packaging materials, cat litter etc.

    This item goes in green bin

  • Sample imageCards

    Please consider re-using your old birthday and Christmas cards as gift tags or labels.
    They can be recycled by putting them in your green recycling bin or taking them to your nearest bring site or recycling site. Please ensure that cards with foil or glitter are not placed in the recycling containers as this type of material causes contamination.
    These items are recycled back into cardboard products (packaging materials, cat litter)

    This item goes in green bin

  • Sample imageCarpet

    Why not hire an industrial steam cleaner or use a local carpet cleaning firm to clean and spruce up your carpet so you can continue to use it. 
    Did you know? If you have a homemade compost heap, pieces of carpet are ideal as an insulating material to place on the top of the heap to keep the heat in. 
    Unwanted carpets and rugs can be sold or given to charity shops, see the page below for links to local groups.
    As a last resort unwanted carpets should be taken to your nearest recycling site and placed in the general waste skips. These will be sent to landfill for disposal.

    Bulky Waste Collection

  • Sample imageCarrier Bags

    Please try to remember to take a shopping bag or few spare carrier bags with you shopping so that you don't need to accept anymore. 
    You can save some money by using old carrier bags as bin liners instead of buying bin liners. 

    This item goes in green bin

  • Sample imageCars

    If your car is beyond repair, you should take it to a local scrap metal merchant for disposal. Please note that scrap has a value so shop around for the best offer.

  • Sample imageCartons

    Food and beverage cartons are used to carry products such as milk, soft drinks, fruit juices, soups etc. Cartons are lined with several layers of polyethylene (Plastic) and in some long life cartons, a thin layer of aluminium. Because of this it is not suitable for recycling along with normal cardboard.
    There are two sites in Leeds where you can take your cartons for recycling:
    • Sainsburys White Rose Centre
    • Owlcotes Shopping Centre
    The fibre from the cartons is recycled in to coreboard which is then converted into industrial tubes and cores. The plastic is recycled into new polymer products such as children’s play mats and the aluminium is used in products such as breeze blocks.

  • Sample imageChemicals

    There are many chemicals used in the home that are hazardous substances, for example paint, white spirit, bleach, antifreeze, brake fluid, engine oil, household and garden chemicals, and pesticides. Please try to use non-toxic alternatives instead. 
    Never dispose of chemicals down your sink or drain. Please take them to your nearest recycling site so that they can be disposed of correctly. There is a household chemical container on all the sites. 
    These chemicals will be re-used within the chemical industry wherever possible, incinerated or turned to a solid material for disposal at landfill.
    If you are unable to get to a recycling site, please ring 0113 22244406 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm) to see if we can help.

  • Sample imageClothing

    Please donate clean clothing that is good enough to be re-used to your local charity shop where they will be resold.  Alternatively, you could organise a jumble sale or local swap shop event to pass on items that you no longer want. 
    All textiles, even if they are ripped and paired shoes can be recycled by putting in the textile bank at your nearest bring site or recycling site. 
    These items will be used as second hand clothes if good enough quality, or shredded and used as filling material e.g. for mattresses or to make recycled products, or to become wiping cloths for industry.

  • Sample imageChristmas Waste

    Reduce your Christmas waste by buying cards made from recycled card and reusing good quality wrapping paper. 
    You can re-use old cards to make gift tags and new cards. 
    Recycle your Christmas cards in your green recycling bin or in the paper bank at your nearest bring site or recycling site. These are recycled back into cardboard products e.g. packaging materials, cat litter.
    Please ensure that cards with foil or glitter are not placed in the recycling bin as this type of material causes contamination.

  • Sample imageChristmas Trees

    Re-useable artificial trees should be donated to charity shops. 
    Real Christmas trees should be taken to your nearest recycling site and put in the green waste skips. They will be composted and made in to soil conditioner for use in land restoration projects.
    Please ensure that all decorations are removed before putting your tree in the skip. 

  • Sample imageCompact Discs (CDs)

    If your unwanted CDs are pre-recorded and still work, you can donate them to your local charity shop.  
    There are also many on-line companies that offer a CD recycling service.

  • Sample imageCompost & Compost Bins

    Please try to avoid using peat based compost as rare peat bog ecosystems are destroyed to make it. Instead why don't you make your own compost from fruit and vegetable peelings, grass cutting, garden prunings etc. 
    For more information about how to make your own compost and the compost bins offered by Leeds council, please see the links below.

    Recyclenow Home Composting


  • Sample imageComputers

    Contact, a Leeds community interest company, are always looking for donations of unwanted computer equipment.  They refurbish them for use by other not-for-profit and community organisations or recycle the materials. Their telephone number is 0113 242 4421. 
    Computers from your home can also be taken to your nearest recycling site.  Please put them in the electronic equipment skip. Materials such as plastics and metals are recycled into new products.

  • Sample imageCooking Oil

    Please remember that used cooking oil can be recycled and made into biodiesel.  Please do not pour it down the drain. 
    To recycle your cooking oil please take to your nearest recycling site and put it in the used cooking oil container. It will be used to create bio-diesel or as a fuel in an energy from waste facility.

  • Sample imageCrockery, Ceramics, China

    Please donate any crockery, ceramics or china that is good enough to your local charity shop.  
    You can take broken crockery to your local recycling site where you should put it in the rubble and inerts skip. It will be used for road building or surface cover on a landfill site.

  • Sample imageCar Batteries

    You can take your car batteries to your nearest recycling site.

  • Sample imageComics

    Please consider donating unwanted magazines and comics to your friends and relatives, colleagues or your local doctors surgery. You may even find that some comics have resale value e.g. on eBay etc.
    They can be recycled in your green recycling bin or at your local bring sites and recycling sites. They will be made into new paper products.

    This item goes in green bin

  • Sample imageChairs

    If your unwanted chair is good enough to be used by others, donate it to a local re-use organisation. Armchairs must have a fire label to be re-used.
    • Emmaus Leeds 0113 2484288
    • Leeds & Moortown Furniture Store 0113 2739727
    • St Judes 0113 2450800
    • Safe haven 0113 3451218
    • SLATE 0113 2704005
    • Sydney Bridge 0113 2175388

    You can also take it to the Revive Leeds re-use shop at the Seacroft recycling site or to your nearest recycling site where you can put it in the re-use container.

    If it is not good enough to re-use you can take it to your nearest recycling site for disposal. Please remember that wooden furniture can be recycled in the timber container.

    If you are unable to do this, you can book a bulky item collection by phoning 0113 222 4406