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Residents Parking Schemes

If your street is often full of cars from outside the area - perhaps of those working nearby, attending college, visiting the shops, local park or station - a Residents' Permit Parking Scheme (RPPS) may be one way of controlling the parking.

In a Resident Permit Parking Scheme (RPPS) part or all of the road space may be prioritised for those who hold valid permits. Only residents, local businesses and visitors will, generally, be eligible for permits. Some parking by non-residents will be permitted but this will be controlled to specific locations and/or times of the day and for limited periods.

The RPPS will be clearly marked and sign posted, and in these areas parking attendants will make sure that the permit system is not abuse​d.

Before you consider whether or not an RPPS may be the answer to your parking issue, it's as well to be aware that RPPSs may not be the answer on every occasion.  For instance if:

  • you are annoyed by your neighbour parking their car on your spot. This is not a good enough reason to consider creating an RPPS. Contrary to popular belief you have no special claim to a guaranteed parking space on the road in front of your property where it is public highway.
  • the people living and working in your road own more cars than the space available for safe parking. This is particularly relevant where there are buildings of multiple-occupation.
  • the majority of residents have off-street parking available and sufficient space is available for parking.
  • you have an influx of parked cars from a local school, the temporary nature of this parking problem may be tackled by different means.  
  • The majority of residents do not support the idea, when consulted.
    When the Council is advised of a parking problem, engineers will investigate and, if required, arrange surveys of the parked vehicles. This information helps decide what is the most appropriate scheme to control parking because there may be other, more suitable, alternatives to control the problem.


Any proposed scheme is consulted with elected Councillors, local communities and emergency services to ensure there is support for any proposals before determining whether there are funds to introduce the scheme. The consultation may raise conflicting views within a community which cannot be resolved and make it impractical to introduce a scheme. A Traffic Regulation Order is required to control parking and there is a specific legal process which must be followed to obtain this order. It is not a quick process and will take a minimum of 9 months to achieve.

Currently, there is no charge for the resident or visitor permit.

For a query about enforcement and permits telephone 0113 39 50050


For permission to park in zones telephone 0113 39 52023​

Queries about traffic orders, signs and markings can be made to highways@leeds.gov.uk or by telephone to 0113 222 4407.