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Residents' Parking Permits

Residents’ parking permits

Residents have successfully applied for the creation of residents parking zones in many areas across Leeds. There are a number of different parking schemes and restrictions in place and different types of permit depending on the zone. See the documents section for more details.

We cater for residents, visitors, landlords, businesses and NHS visitors. We advise you to check the street index and permit information sheet for more information. If you are looking to apply for or renew a permit, please use the relevant form from the documents section and send your completed application form to us at parkingservices@leeds.gov.uk or post it to us at Parking Services, PO Box 139, Leeds, LS9 1AA with copies of the documentation asked for.

How to report a stolen or lost permit

You will need to write to Parking Services PO Box 139, Leeds LS9 1AA telling us what has happened. 

If the permit has been stolen you will need to provide a crime reference number. If you have lost your permit and cannot provide a crime number then there will be a £10 charge. This can be made by cheque or postal order made payable to Leeds City Council   

There is also additional information on permits in the Documents section in the A-Z of parking and multiple visitors’ guidelines. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to somebody about permits use the telephone number provided in the contact us section of this page.