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Parking and bus lane enforcement

To help provide the best parking and transport facilities for people visiting and working in Leeds our team of Civil enforcement officers ensure that people observe the parking and bus lane restrictions that are in place to:

• Encourage sensible and safe parking;
• Reduce congestion on the roads and commuter journey times;
• Make it safer for drivers and pedestrians;
• Improve the environment; and
• Make it easier for Leeds’ residents to park in the permit zones. 

Parking rules

An on-line version of the Highway Code is available from the direct.gov.uk website; see our external links area on this page. By following a few simple parking rules, you can avoid getting a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), commonly known as a parking ticket.

Penalty charge notice (parking ticket)

If you have received a parking ticket and want to know how to pay or want to appeal then please visit our Related Pages. A parking ticket cannot be cancelled by a Civil enforcement officer, so please do not ask. The council does not tolerate any threatening behaviour or verbal or physical abuse towards our staff. Any such incidents will be reported to the police and may result in prosecution.

We charge different amounts depending on the seriousness of the offense.  Contraventions such as parking on a single or double yellow lines have a higher charge of £70 and less serious contraventions such as overstaying in a pay and display car park have a lesser charge of £50.
Bus lane enforcement

Bus lanes were introduced to give priority access to buses travelling both in and out of the city centre and at certain points through the city centre. The primary reason is to create free passage for buses and taxis (Hackney Carriage) in assisting them to run on time and be able to avoid congestion queues.

It has always been illegal to drive in a bus lane in Leeds without the given authority to do so. The enforcement of bus lanes in Leeds has traditionally been the responsibility of the Police, however from August 2011 the enforcement of certain bus lanes was brought under the Council’s control.

These particular bus lanes are now being enforced using camera technology which captures the registration number of vehicles that are not authorised to use the bus lane and a PCN is issued by post to the registered keeper/owner of the offending vehicle.
The penalty for illegally driving in a bus lane is £60, reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days.
Signs are displayed and road markings show the lane is for buses only and that cameras are in operation.
Further information
You can find out more about parking in our complete A-Z of parking services (pdf) located in the Documents section of this page.