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Highways licences and permits

​We aim to ensure that the highway (i.e. roads, pavements, and local footpaths) is kept clear and safe at all times. On occasion we recognise that you may need to obstruct the highway, for example if you are carrying out works to your property.

In cases where you do need to obstruct the highway, you need to apply for a licence or permit to do so.

Further information about applying for the correct highways licences and permits can be found in the Documents section on this page.

Examples of when this may occur include:

  • skips on the highway;
  • building materials on the highway;
  • placing a structure on the highway;
  • projection over the highway;
  • scaffolding and hoarding on the highway;
  • temporary closure of the highway;
  • placing a crane or access platform on the highway;
  • planting vegetation;
  • vehicular crossings; and
  • events on the highway.

You can view details of all current and planned permits on a map by selecting real time road works information in the External links section.

Please note, if you want to make changes to the highway itself, e.g. dropped kerbs, you must contact us so that we can make an assessment.

If you need more information please use the Contact us section to send us an email or call us.