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Education and School Travel

The Road Safety and Travelwise teams offer advice and information on safe and sustainable travel choices.

Road safety education and training
Helping children and young people to stay safer is a high priority for the UK Government, and for Leeds City Council, and preventing death and serious injury on the roads is an important part of that.
Most schools, nurseries and children’s centres, will have some arrangements for teaching about road safety, and will have policies in place which help keep children safer on the roads when they are in the care of staff, whether as passengers, pedestrians or cyclists.
See the pages in this section for more information or contact the Road Safety Unit 
Tel : 0113 2475198
E-mail : road.safety@leeds.gov.uk 

Travelwise and school travel
Leeds Sustainable Education Travel Strategy promotes the use of sustainable travel and transport in schools and further education establishments. 
 Around 98 per cent of schools in Leeds have an approved school travel plan which helps children, staff, parents and carers to find safer and environmentally friendly ways to get to and from school.
If your school needs to develop or update a travel plan please contact Leeds City Council’s School Travel Advisors or see the pages in this section for more information:
Tel : 0113 247 5762 or 0113 247 5757 and 0113 395 2585.

E-mail : road.safety@leeds.gov.uk