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Children and young people with additional needs

​A range of services are available to children and young people with additional needs to support them and their family. Access to services is determined on a needs basis, it is helpful for a child to have an assessment of need. In Leeds the first assessment offered should be a common assessment.

The Common Assessment Framework (CAF) is an assessment of your child's needs. This is often completed by a professional known to you and your family from health, early years or education. The CAF can help record your child and families needs and identify what additional support is required. Support could include assistance with benefits, housing, adaptations and equipment, short breaks or child care.

For further information on CAF please speak to someone working with your child within school or health or alternatively contact the Integrated process’s team on 0113 247 6830 who will be able to help identify someone to complete the assessment.

We provide a range of short breaks that meet the needs of disabled children, young people and their parents/carers. They give provide enjoyable experiences for disabled children and young people away from their primary carers. They also give parents and carers a valuable break from caring responsibilities. Short breaks can include activities which last: a morning; an afternoon; an evening; a day; overnight; a weekend; or longer. And can take place in: the child’s own home; the home of a carer, a residential or community setting.

Currently in Leeds, we have a range of short break services available, which offer different levels of support and activities for children and young people with additional needs.

There are universal services are available to all children and young people, such as cubs, brownies and after school activities. There are also targeted services, delivered to a specific group of young people, such as youth groups, disability sports and weekenders.

But specialist services are for when children and young people have complex acute high level needs and require additional support. Needs may be assessed by the specialist disability social work team and if required a social care service offered. These services can include Individual support workers, direct payments or over nights. Health also provide specialist short breaks, these are accessed through an assessment and include day/evening/overnight support in the family home or a residential setting.

Support is available to help your child access universal and targeted services and make settings inclusive. To discuss this, and any other support required or information available for children and young people with disabilities you can now visit the new drop in advice surgeries located in Seacroft, Beeston and Bramley (previously Leeds Inclusion Support Service). Details are provided on the Scope advice surgery flyer in the downloads section. 

Or you can visit the Family Information Service website for more details on services available. You can find this in our External Links section.

How do I get a CAF for my child?

You would need to speak to a professional who works with your child. This could be a member of staff from early years, school or health.

How do I find out more about what short breaks and activities are available?

Contact the family hub on 0113 247 4335 or Leeds Inclusion support service on 0113 2707865.

How do I get a social worker?

Allocation of a social worker is based on need. If a CAF has identified a need for specialist services a social worker from the Complex Needs Service may attend the CAF review.

Who can help me with benefits and forms?

The welfare rights unit offer a free, confidential and impartial service via the telephone, advice surgeries or home visits. Contact us on 0113 376 0452 or go to related pages.