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Your Home Your Say

Building a new housing service for Leeds
The way we manage council housing in Leeds is changing, Tenants don’t need to worry or do anything differently – we’ll give you plenty of notice when things are changing.

We want every tenant to get a high quality service, and to make sure we have as much money as possible to invest in council homes in the future. We think the best way to do this is to build a brand new housing service for the city. 
On October 1 the management of our council homes returned to us. The three Arm’s Length Management Organisations (ALMOs) who have successfully run the service – Aire Valley Homes, East North East Homes and West North West Homes – have come to an end.
The housing management service is now the responsibility of a brand new council service - Housing Leeds. 
What did you tell us?
We sent a consultation pack and survey to all 70,000 council tenants in Leeds. We also  held 41 public meetings, roadshows and mobile drop-in sessions across the city during the eight-week consultation. 

In the survey, we asked tenants for their opinion about how Council housing in Leeds should be managed in the future. 8,889 tenants completed the survey.
  •  61% would prefer all housing services to be provided by the Council compared to 21% preferring a single ALMO.
  • 69% strongly agree / agree that the best way to make savings and deliver better and more consistent housing services is to move to a single organisation.
  • 83% feel ‘a great deal’ or ‘to some extent’ that it is important they can be involved in how their housing is run.
  • 79% feel that they are ‘not very much’ or ‘not at all’ involved in how their housing is run currently.
  • When asked how much influence they felt they had in how council housing is run, 73 % felt they had ‘not very much or/ ‘not at all’.
You can download copies of the survey and results from this page.
Get involved
If you are a tenant and what to get more involved in how your housing is run, call your community involvement team on:
  • The former Aire Valley Homes Leeds Community Involvement Team 0113 3781339
  • The former East North East Homes Leeds Community Involvement Team 2476101
  • The former West North West Homes Leeds community Involvement Team 2477180

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