Your Council Tax Bill Explained
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Your Council Tax Bill Explained

Council Tax bills are issued once a year, before the start of the new financial year which starts on the 1st of April. You should always receive the bill for the next financial year by the end of March. It will contain all the details about the payments you need to make to the council in the coming year. You won’t receive another bill for that financial year unless there is a change in your circumstances. If you fall behind with your payments we will send you up to 2 reminders. You should keep the bill safe and make sure you make the correct payments at the correct times – these are all shown on the bill.

To better explain your bill we’ve produced an example bill that breaks down and explains each section, so you’re aware of all the important bits.​​

Adult social care precept

For more information on the adult social care precept and our other 2017/18 charges and bands please visit our Council Tax charges and bands page which can be found in Related Pages.

More information on what your council tax is spent on is available on the Council Tax and Business Rates information page.​​​​

Click to expandHow do I pay my Council Tax bill?

There are various ways to pay, and these are shown on the back of your bill and on our Council Tax payments page. If you have selected to pay by Direct Debit, this is stated on your bill, underneath the amount you have to pay.

Click to expandWhat does my Council Tax cover?

Council Tax is a property tax and is not a direct charge for services. Council Tax is used by the council to fund a wide range of services for all the people of Leeds.

Please view our Council Tax and Business Rates Financial Information page for more information.

Click to expandI am moving out before the end of the financial year. Can my bill be adjusted?

A bill for part of the year cannot be issued. You need to let us know nearer the time of your move, and the adjustment will be made within 7 days of your move, and a final bill issued. Take a look at our moving into Leeds page and our report a change of address page for more useful information.

Click to expandWhat period does each instalment cover?

The Council Tax charge is for the full 365 (or 366) days, and the full amount is broken down into 10 standard monthly instalments. You can choose to pay over 12 months which makes the instalments slightly smaller, but the overall total remains the same. A payment made on 10th April for example, does not cover the month of April, as it depends on the number of instalments selected and the number of days in the month.

If you do not live in the property for the full year, your charge is calculated as follows:

Number of days in property ÷ number of days in the financial year) × annual charge

So if you lived in a Band A property from 1 April 2015 to 1 September 2015, the calculation would be:

183 ÷ 365 = 0.501369863

0.501369863 × £912.19 = £457.34

Please Note: Example is full Band A charge in 2015-16 but does not include any Parish Rate

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