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Young people, Youth Training trainees & apprentices

There are four discount types related to young people - these are listed below.  
Under 20 and in further education, or Child Benefit is being paid  
This discount may apply if
  • the young person is under 20, in further education for more than 3 months, and studying for more than 12 hours per week, or
  • someone is entitled to Child Benefit for the young person (or would be if the person was not in local authority care).
School or college leavers  
When an 18 or 19-year old leaves school or college after 30 April, a discount may apply for the period between the end of their course and the following 1 November, even if they start work during this period. 
Youth Training trainees
A different discount applies for Youth Training trainees – the trainee must be receiving training in line with an individual training plan under the Youth Training Scheme.
You may get a discount if the young person is an apprentice who is:
  • employed to learn a trade, business, office, employment or vocation; and
  • undertaking a program of training leading to a qualification accredited by the Qualifications & Curriculum Authority or the Scottish Vocational Educational Council; and
  • receiving a salary (or allowance, or both) which is no more than £195 per week before deductions, and which is much less than he/she will earn when qualified.
How to claim one of these discounts
For discounts other than the school or college leaver discount, go to the Documents section to find the relevant application form.
The school or college leaver discount usually follows immediately after the young person/Child Benefit discount and is granted automatically when the first discount ends, so there is no claim form for this discount - if you think you should have been granted it but haven't, please contact us.
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