What is the Leeds local offer?
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What is the Leeds local offer?

All councils must publish a Local Offer that:
  • ensures families can access clear information about all services for those aged 0-25 with SEN and disabilities.
  • explains what families are entitled to and can expect from services. 
  • gathers feedback from people who use services. 
  • uses feedback to support service development.
How we did it:
  • working with partners across education, health, social care and the voluntary sector.
  • working closely with parents and carers and children and young people to ‘co-produce’ the Leeds Local Offer.
  • providing support to those families and young people who don’t use websites.
  • identifying the right digital solution for managing all the information.

The Leeds Local Offer website uses a specialist search engine that will return information about the support and services available in Leeds for children and young people. Users will be able to search headings that reflect the ‘journey of the child’ from birth to 25 years, such as early years, going to school or college and living independently. 

If you would like advice and information about how to use the Leeds Local Offer please contact the Leeds SEND Information Advice Support Service (formerly Parent Partnership Service). The team can provide you with general information about services for SEN and disabilities and advise you. Leaflets and downloads can also be posted out to you. For expert advice on any of the services shown in the Leeds Local Offer please use the contact details that each specific website provides.

You can call the Helpline on 0113 378 5020 or send an email to: sendiass@leeds.gov.uk​

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