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Food Waste Bin

Yes please

  • All dairy products such as cheese and eggs (including shells)
  • Breads, pastries and cakes
  • Cooked and uncooked food
  • Meat, fish and poultry (including bones)
  • Out of date food
  • Pasta, rice and beans
  • Teabags and coffee grounds
  • Uneaten leftovers from dishes and plates including uneaten takeaway food
  • Vegetables and fruit (including peelings)

No thanks

  • Packaging of any sort
  • Plastic bags or wrapping
  • Pet waste

Compostable liners

Liners are provided for your food waste bins. If you want to use a liner in your kitchen caddy you can use old newspapers or other waste paper. Alternatively, any brand of compostable liner that clearly displays the European Bio plastics logo can be used and these can be purchased from larger supermarkets and hardware stores.

Just make sure you don't use any other type of bag or liner, e.g. made from plastic.​​

How can I keep my bins clean?

With good housekeeping, your bins should remain reasonably clean. There are also independent companies that can provide a bin cleaning service for you.