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Wetherby Traffic Management

8 December 2011 Update

Last month a new roundabout opened on the A661 at the junction with Linton Road, completing one more element of the Wetherby Traffic Management plan.

With regard to the contra-flow cycle lane proposed for Nags Lane, a petition has been started in the cycle shop on Horsefair.

11 May 2011 Update

The Nags Lane One Way traffic scheme was completed on 18 April. The scheme appears to have successfully addressed the road safety problem of motorists turning right into Nags Lane, across Walton Road traffic, as if the old junction priorities were still in place.

With evidence of low vehicle numbers northbound on Nags Lane and low vehicle speeds, a contra-flow cycle lane has been proposed which would allow cyclists to take a short cut through to Victoria Street.  Such a proposal would benefit and encourage local cyclists, particularly from the High School. The Department of Transport has agreed to the scheme in principle and formal approval is awaited.

9 December 2010 update

Sign erection and laying of the new paving required for the Nags Lane One Way traffic scheme commenced on 15 November 2010 and is due to finish shortly.

The experimental resident parking bay on Horsefair becomes permanent on Monday 13 December 2010. This follows a period of consultation during which support for retention of the parking bay came from one resident, one business and a petition of 96 names. There were no objections.

■Please follow the link to the Wetherby Traffic Order webpage where a copy of this Order (W0209) can be found.

14 June 2010 Update

The outcome of the Nags Lane One Way traffic regulation Order advertisement was that three representations were received, all in support for scheme.

With no objections, the Order was sealed today.

29 April 2010 Update

Further to the change of junction priorities at the corner of Walton Road and Nags Lane which were introduced at Christmas 2008, a road safety issue has become apparent. Some drivers approaching from Hallfield Lane have been observed turning into Nags Lane without looking left down Walton Road.  Despite improvements (new signs, the introduction of a flashing amber and strengthened centre-line road markings), a road safety audit has confirmed the problem continues.

The proposed solution is to erect ‘No Entry’ signs at the entrance to Nags Lane from Hallfield Lane. This arrangement was temporarily adopted during construction of Walton Road roundabout and, at the time, six comments were received in support of the arrangement (from a shop-keeper, a businessman and four residents) and no views against.

The traffic order will be advertised in the press, on lamp-posts and will be available to view at Wetherby library. If you have any comments either in support or against the scheme, please respond in writing either to tim.dixon@leeds.gov.uk or through the advertised channels within the next 28 days.

Please follow the link to the Wetherby Traffic Order webpage where a copy of the Nags Lane draft Order can be found.

December 2009 Update 15

The advertisement of the residents permit scheme traffic order for the Parsons Green zone (Parsons Green, Durrant Close, Greenfold Lane, High Cliffe Terrace and some properties on Walton Road) generated no objections and one letter of support. Accordingly, the Waiting Restrictions (No W1) Order 2009 was sealed on the 27 November 2009. The signing and lining were completed on 10 December and the parking permit application packs for this zone were issued on 11 December. The zone will be fully operational in January 2010.

5 June 2009 Update

On the 1 June 2009, the Chief Highways Officer considered the objections to the traffic regulation order (TRO) for permit parking in the Victoria Street zone and authorised two modifications. Business permit holders will now be able to park in the bays on the north side of Victoria Street, previously proposed only for residents. The second modification has replaced a proposed double yellow line to the south side of Victoria Street with a single yellow line allowing vehicles to park for up to 30 minutes between 6pm and 8am, thus assisting traffic approaching High Street during the day, whilst allowing short-stay parking at other times. When the approved TRO is sealed shortly, the Wetherby Traffic Regulation Orders web-page will be updated and parking permit information packs with application forms will be issued to property owners in the zone. The modified plan on this page may prove helpful in identifying the changes:

ya.  Approved Victoria Street Parking Zone
Also on the 1 June 2009, the Chief Highways Officer approved the advertisement of a traffic regulation order for an adjacent resident parking zone - subject to Department of Transport (DfT) approval for a number of non-regulatory signs. Delivery of this proposed zone, the Parsons Green zone, is subject to DfT approval being given and, of course, a subsequent successful advertisement of the Order.  The Parsons Green zone includes Parsons Green, Durrant Close, Greenfold Lane, High Cliffe Terrace and some properties on Walton Road. Existing disabled bay road markings will be retained.

z.   Proposed Parsons Green Parking Zone

23 January 2009 Update

The pedestrian improvement scheme for Horsefair was substantially completed to programme during December.  A town centre contract can be something of an unknown quantity but through risk reduction wherever possible, continually working with local residents and businesses, the contract progressed at a steady pace in a largely straight-forward manner. All those involved in this high quality pedestrian link to the award winning Market Square should be congratulated on their successful delivery of this latest scheme.

The new year also sees the advertisement of a traffic regulation order (TRO) for permit parking in the Victoria Street zone. A consultation in July 2008 identified parking issues and laid the foundations for this draft TRO. Residents and businesses that will be affected are asked to make their views known in writing.  Objections and/or letters of support can be submitted to Tim Dixon using the contact details above.  The full details of the draft TRO can be found by following the link to the Wetherby Traffic Regulation Orders.  TROs are not always the easiest of documents to follow and an additional new document on this page may prove helpful:

y.  Proposed Victoria Street Parking Zone

31 July 2008 Update

On 14 July, the advertised parking restrictions for Walton Road were confirmed. These restrictions were sought as a means of improving conditions for both traffic and pedestrians, particularly around the junction with Parsons Green. The new yellow lines began appearing on the 22 July.

Vehicles which park all day in the side streets off Walton Road continue to cause problems for local residents. To address this, proposals for resident parking areas were hand-delivered to each affected property around the Fire Station on the 15 July. The consultation closed on 24 July and the results show local support for the proposals.  The draft traffic orders will now be drawn up prior to advertisement.

At an evening event in Reading on the 15 July, the works in Wetherby Market Square received a national design award.  In making the award, the assessors drew attention to the quality of the work, the much improved layout and the benefits for Market Square users.  In reaching their decision, the assessors visited Wetherby (unannounced!) to evaluate how successfully the space was being used and to ask questions of those in and around the Square. The award is much appreciated.

On the 28 July, on Horsefair, a second pedestrian improvement scheme commenced. The Yorkstone materials will match those in Market Square and the intention is to deliver a high quality pedestrian link between the refurbished Market Square and the east of the town. Works will start at the High Street end of Horsefair and progress through, in stages, to the Walton Road end.  Access for pedestrians and vehicles will be maintained and, by the time Horsefair is reopened to all traffic in December, there will also be a new pelican crossing and a change to the traffic priorities at the Walton Road junction.

Available on this page is one new document:

x.  Horsefair General Arrangement (July 2008) : This is the scheme layout for Horsefair. The scheme is in keeping with the WTM Plan  u.pdf  - WTM Highways and Pedestrian Improvements
13 May 2008 Update

On Friday 15th February, 17 additional car park spaces were commissioned in the Wilderness car park.

On Tuesday 22nd April 2008, draft parking restrictions for Walton Road were advertised.  Representations (both for and against the advertised Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)) can be made before the 22nd May 2008.  These and other Orders can be viewed by following this link to Wetherby Traffic Regulation Orders.  

On Monday 28th April, the Market Place Parking Places TRO came into effect.   Public representations had been made both for (1) and against (3) this Order.  The Chief Highways Officer considered these and the public support expressed for the proposed restrictions at the May 2006 exhibition (Consultation Report Appendix B.pdf - Item M) and confirmed the Parking Place Order without alteration.  Objections to the Movement Order and Waiting Restrictions Order have yet to be resolved. 

On Sunday 11th May, a new mini-roundabout came into operation at St James’ St/North St junction. This roundabout forms an integral part of the WTM Plan, helping the 923 bus service, reducing queues on St James’ St and offering some relief to Bank Street and Horsefair.  The roundabout will be considered experimental for 12-18 months and will be monitored during this time.

6 February 2008 Update

On Monday 14th January 2008 the Market Place TROs were advertised in the Yorkshire Post and on lamp-posts in Market Place. The changes can be seen visually by comparing 'before' (w2.pdf) and 'after' (w1.pdf) on this webpage.

 Representations (both for and against the advertised TROs) can be made before the 14th February 2008.  The Orders can be viewed by following this link to Wetherby Traffic Regulation Orders.

Works have also started on the new mini-roundabout at St James’ St/North Street junction and also on providing 16 new spaces at the riverside car park (Wilderness car park) and improving the pedestrian footway there.

November 2007 Update

On Thursday 15th November, the improved Wetherby Market Square was formerly opened in a ceremony with Councillor Andrew Carter, the Mayor of Wetherby and local dignitaries. Widened pavements and a new large paved area in front of the Town Hall, all in Yorkstone, with no kerbs to trip over are the main improvements. There are more electrical points for the market traders who won’t now need generators or need to leave trailing wires. There’s even provision for a Christmas tree and lighting.  New links improve pedestrian access to the Town Hall ensuring the Town Hall remains an ever popular central attraction for all.  In response to the public consultation, cars and lorries are still accommodated but are much less intrusive. Street lighting has been refurbished and new street furniture installed.

To the west of the Square along the A661, Market Place, another scheme is almost complete, delivering complimentary pedestrian improvements. Again footways have been widened and a much needed new pelican crossing has been commissioned at the bus station, all in keeping with the Wetherby Traffic Management Plan.

Following an excellent response to the Residents’ Parking Zone consultation (v.pdf), surveys have been completed and proposals are being drawn up in preparation for a formal public consultation, beginning with residences and businesses in the Fire Station zone.  The other four zones will follow.

The car parking space review in the Wilderness and the soon-to-be joined Westgate and Crossley Street car parks has been completed and 30 new spaces have been identified. Construction on these new spaces along with new mini-roundabouts at North Street/St James’s St junction and Deighton Road/Sandbeck Lane will commence shortly.

March 2007 Update

There has been one change to the Plan since January.  Following a re-appraisal of the proposed pelican crossing at North Street/York Road junction, this package has been withdrawn.  The change was prompted by difficulties in achieving a safe and acceptable design and is also a reflection of the current good pedestrian safety record.

With regard to the A661 Market Place package (Package 1 of the WTM Plan), formal approval was given on the 22nd March 2007.  Two drawings are now published. The first shows the A661 proposal (w1.pdf) with new crossings, widened footways and new parking arrangements.  The second (w2.pdf) shows the existing A661 arrangement and is provided for comparison purposes.  These proposals are fully compatible with t.pdf, u.pdf and v.pdf which identify the WTM Plan.

Consultation over the Residents’ Parking Zones (v.pdf) has also begun with introductory letters issued to residences and business in the Fire Station zone.  The other four zones will follow.

■w1. ‘Drawing Market Place General Arrangement – Proposed Lining’
■w2. ‘Drawing Market Place General Arrangement – Existing Lining'

January 2007 update

Following a well-attended public consultation in May 2006 and after taking into account the many public comments and responses, the Wetherby Traffic Management Plan can now be confirmed.  

Some of the less well-supported elements, such as the reversal of Bank Street, have been withdrawn.  Some other suggested changes have been incorporated including a new residents’ parking zone to cover Second Avenue, 1-27 Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue.

The work identified within the Wetherby Traffic Management Plan has been divided into nine work packages to assist with delivery of the Plan during 2007.  Final delivery is, as with all elements, subject to confirmation during detailed design.

The Wetherby Traffic Management Plan Design and Cost Report confirms the outcomes from the May 2006 exhibition, identifies the changes to the proposals, the reasoning behind them and the work packages.

Available on this page are three new documents:

t. The Wetherby Traffic Management Plan Design and Cost Report (January 2007) : Details behind the revisions to the May 2006 traffic management plan
■u. WTM Local Highways and Pedestrian Improvements Revision B (January 2007) : For a comparison with the May 2006 exhibition proposals please see: n. Highways and pedestrian improvements
v. WTM Parking and Signing Changes Revision B (January 2007) : For a comparison with the May 2006 exhibition proposals please see: s. Parking and signing changes
Consultation Report (September 2006)

For reference purposes, the Wetherby Traffic Management Consultation Report (May 2006), which is a factual report of the exhibition undertaken in May 2006, has been retained on this web-page.  This report is available as four documents. These are:

Wetherby Traffic Management Consultation Report (May 2006)
■Appendix A : Details of The Exhibition Proposal
■Appendix B : 2006 Questionnaire over-written with Responses
■Appendix C : Tabulation of Comments in the Report

Exhibition (May 2006)

For reference purposes, the May 2006 Wetherby Traffic Management Exhibition details have been retained on this web-page:

■Introduction documents to the May 2006 consultation : Welcome to the exhibition; The transport management brief
■The 2001 consultation: (a) Outside town centre highways issues; (b) Wetherby town centre highways issues: (c) Consultation results leaflet; (d) Parking spaces survey; (e) Parking spaces leaflet
■Previous events: (g) Events since 2001
■Future changes : (h) A1 Boston Spa to Wetherby; (i) A1 Wetherby to Kirk Deighton; (j) Pedestrian improvements to Market Square
■The proposal : (k) What needs to be addressed; (m) What's included; (n) Highways and pedestrian improvements; (o) Text link between highway improvements and parking changes; (r) Main parking and signing changes; (s) Parking and signing changes
Response form: for reference purposes only