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West North West area support team

The role of the area support team is to:

  • Support the community committees
  • Bring residents, councillors, council services and other organisations together to bring improvements to local communities
  • Work with local people to give them a say in how services are provided in their community
  • Promote partnership working between the council and other service providers.
  • Administer the community committee wellbeing budgets and other funds helping to direct them to projects that will benefit the local area and address local priorities​

West North West Area Committees

Each Area Committee consists of two or more wards
Inner North West community committee
Hyde Park and Woodhouse
Outer North west area committee
Adel and Wharfdale
Guiseley and Rawdon
Otley and Yeadon
Inner West community committee
Bramley and Stanningley
Outer West community committee
Calverley and Farsley
Farnley and Wortley

How can I apply for funding?

Each community committee has a Wellbeing budget and a Youth Activities Fund. Wellbeing funds are allocated every year to projects that will benefit the local area and address local priorities. Community groups, charities or other public services can apply for small or large grants. 

Small grants are up to £500 and large grants are over £500. 

The Youth Activities Fund is available to provide local activity for children and young people aged 8-17 years across the city. The fund is to provide opportunities for play, arts, sport and cultural activities.
For details of how to make an application please call us on 0113 336 7856.

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